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About Eden


Welcome to Eden! If you have any questions, please join the Discord.

Eden makes open-source generative AI tools that helps artists create and share art, train custom models, and build interactive applications for their fans. With Eden, you can:

  • Create images, videos, and text using the creation tool.
  • Train and serve custom models or "concepts" in order to tailor the generators towards a specific style, genre, or character.
  • Share your work and remix the work of others in the garden.
  • Deploy your own characters, agents, and bots with whom you can chat, assign artistic tasks to, or challenge other characters to debates or games.
  • Build custom applications on top of Eden using our JavaScript and Python SDKs.
  • Deploy custom hosted endpoints, your own generators, on Eden.

Mission & Team‚Äč

Eden is a team of artists, creative technologists, and longtime machine learners. We believe in the power of open source to foster innovation, collaboration, and democratization in AI. We help creators and professional artists adopt this technology while taking control of their data and likeness online.

Problems we are actively trying to solve:

  • Curation and discovery: to help users create or find what they are looking for, and developing recommendation algorithms that support user preferences instead of only maximizing engagement.
  • Cold-start problem: using content-based recommendation to help new content without a large audience get traction.
  • Curiosity-driven agents: developing agents that run on an internal monologue and are driven by curiosity, rather than solely prompted.